RFC Code 256

CNG Kit Repair and AMC

There is no specific maintenance, except:-
  • Air Filter (Cleaning) is recommended every 5000 Kms and replacement ideal at 10,000 Kms.
  • Spark Plug Replacement also is ideal if replaced not later than 20,000 Kms. Also, there are CNG Cartridges: Recommended Change is 20,000 Kms for Reducer Cartridge & 40,000 Kms for Low-Pressure Cartridge
  • Both Spark Plus & Air Filter Optimize Performance in CNG Kit. 
  • For More Details on Service & Maintenance, Contact S.K. Motors

CNG Kit Cylinder & Warranty
CNG Cylinder Size is generally 12Kg to 14Kg and can expect a running of up to a maximum of 80% to 85% of capacity. thus maximum running once can expect in CNG is around 200 Kms (with full cylinder) - before going for refilling Gas

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